Artificial Intelligence

The ROSEN Group aims to transform and develop the latest technologies into advanced products and services to protect people and the environment. We see huge potential in fusing human intelligence with different areas of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and autonomous vehicles/robots to collect data in harsh environments. And in turn using these to aid decision-making that supports this goal.

Autonomous Vehicles and Robots

In the future, the autonomous behavior of robots and vehicles will be determined by methods of artificial intelligence and machine learning. This will enable vehicles and robots to perceive, interpret, plan, draw conclusions, and regulate themselves. They work with each other in order to solve tasks and act intelligently in unstructured, unknown environments, or confined spaces such as a sewage pipe, a crude oil tank or in the deep sea without endangering people.

Big Data

Each time an inspection or technical service takes place, be it with ‘traditional methods’ or autonomous vehicles, an enormous amount of measurement and operational data is accumulated. Raw data must be cleansed, interpreted and analyzed to transform data into information and information into knowledge, ultimately enabling smarter decision making. Nothing is better suited to achieve this than the increasingly available methods of artificial intelligence.

Decision Support Systems

Artificial intelligence has conquered our daily lives. Every consumer notices this when a software gains knowledge about people and derives purchase proposals and advertising strategies from it. At ROSEN, however, we use these methods of artificial intelligence to provide asset related data to experts in order to facilitate reliable and real-time decisions for the safe operation of assets. The 'Silver Tsunami' phenomenon results in the loss of knowledge and experience from experts. This is where decision support systems can step in and assist operators.

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